Erta Little Star

Where future leader inspired and nurtured

Erta Little Star PRESCHOOL is a CATHOLIC PRESCHOOL with International teaching method that strives to be the best preschool in providing excellent education for young learners. With these young learners under our care, we aim to create future leaders of great characters and strong integrity based on Christian values. Our young learners will develop their skills required in preparing them for the next level of education through creative and fun learning methods complimented with academic skills with our profesional expartriat and local teachers in the final years of their journey at Erta Little Star Preschool.

Our Purpose

We provide a happy, safe and warm environment where every child is free to express and grow.

We encourage children to develop their self confidence, self esteem and deliver individual learning also development care at their best possible start in life.

We prepare children the smooth transition from preschool to their next level.

Our Vision

Be the BEST PRESCHOOL that creates and prepares future leaders with strong characters and Integrities based on Christian values.